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Scruff & Cum

Tegan Zayne and Adam Ramzi cum together for a joint Syrian-Armenian union of scruff, fur, cum and what happens when they all collide in “Bout to Bust”, the new DVD from Raging Stallion.

By teaming Falcon Studio Group exclusive Tegan Zayne and Adam Ramzi, director Steve Cruz spotlights something not often seen in American porn: two swarthy Mediterranean looking hunks paired up together. For Tegan and Adam, though, this wasn’t some sort of showcase. It was a celebration of attraction.

hairy gay porn
This opening scene for “Bout To Bust” is a timeline of the chemistry between Tegan and Adam going from playful to primal. No wonder Tegan Zayne is everyone’s fantasy boyfriend: he gets hotter every time you see him. As for Adam, he was more than happy to moisten every hair on Tegan’s body in one way or another.

hairy gay porn
They start kissing and soon Tegan is on his knees. What follows isn’t as much a blowjob as an extended deep throat session. Adam Ramzi really hit the man lottery today.

hairy gay porn
Then it was Adam on his knees with Tegan spread and ready. Just look at him working Tegan’s ass as if they are the furry gates to paradise.

hairy gay porn
Then he went in. Bent over, one leg up, and finally with Tegan on his back. Tegan shoots his load here and it lands over there. As in over his shoulder. Tegan drops back to knees as Adam is “Bout To Bust”, literally. After the first shot that lands right in Tegan’s eye, what his mouth doesn’t catch drips off his beard. This should get your Memorial Day Weekend off to a sexy start. Enoy!

[Watch Tegan Zayne & Adam Ramzi in “Bout To Bust”]

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