sean cody angelo

Sean Cody Angelo

“Let’s just say I was really horny one day and thought a foursome sounded pretty hot so I just called these three random guys to bring them over … and it happened.” ~Sean Cody Angelo

Angelo is a 27-year-old art student with a love of hockey and big dicks.

That’s right, we’ve got ourselves a gay Monday man at Sean Cody who is put that fact as it should be: out there proudly. Though he says he prefers to top, that fuzz covered ass is more than hot enough to inspire a race to tap it. Bonus: natural pubes too.

sean cody angeloThe biggest perk about playing hockey my whole life is toning up my athletic shape and getting a pretty big ass.”

sean cody angelo“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was I had a group of friends over at my house and it was a foursome and it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever encountered or did … it was pretty fun.”

sean cody angelo“I got to top. It was mainly two tops and two bottoms so everyone had a nice share I guess you could say.”

sean cody angelo“The kind of guys I usually hook up with are the athletic type. I prefer those. Jocks are really hot. But occasionally, twinks. They’re OK too.”

sean cody angelo“I’ve bottomed a few times but, ah, versatile is definitely something I am OK with. I do prefer to top. But I can do both … that’s totally doable.”

“Nice people are a plus but I kind of look at the face first for attractiveness.”

sean cody angeloBig dicks are always a plus. Pencil dicks are kind of a turnoff … no offense.”

My ideal sex would be hot, sweaty, wild, and bareback. I like bareback. It’s pretty hot.”

sean cody angeloAngelo delivers two rounds with a solid load in each one. There’s not much question if he will be back, but how fast, in what role, and with who. If all of that was up to you, how you plan his first hardcore scene?

[Watch Angelo Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


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