Sean Cody Brings Back Liev, and Recruits Uncut Spaniard Whom They Name Derrick

It looks like we’ll be seeing more of Russian power top Liev, who’s been absent from the porn world since 2013, and who popped back up at Sean Cody, as foretold, over the weekend.

He arrived to fuck Lane, who’s one of the hungriest bottoms, maybe ever, to appear on the site. And, predictably, he’s more than game for Liev’s big cock.

Liev says he “missed” fucking on camera for the site, and he’s ready to fuck some ass again, but there’s a money motive, obviously.

Still, Lane makes anything hotter, and dirtier, than it might have been otherwise, and this is no exception as he welcomes back the Russian power drill.


Then comes the newcomer of the week, and it’s a Spanish guy to whom they don’t even give a Spanish name. He’s got a nice, big, uncut cock, and we’ll probably never see it again after tonight, so enjoy it while he’s jerking it off.

Also, they reached into the Sean Cody closet for some ugly, oversized shorts, and on they go. Guessing “Derrick” never wore shorts that touched his knees before, in Spain.











[Sean Cody: Liev and Lane]
[Sean Cody: Derrick]

3 thoughts on “Sean Cody Brings Back Liev, and Recruits Uncut Spaniard Whom They Name Derrick”

  1. They try to make Southern European guys pass for Northern European just like they try to make Central/South American guys pass for Southern European giving them Italian names. “Let’s make them as white as possible or else our racist customers won’t identify with them”

  2. Derrick is a great looking guy. But he jacks his dick like he is trying to detach it. I found his JO scene to be awkward.

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