Sean Cody’s Buddy Breaks Free

He needs to stay on the straight and narrow in his religious hometown. But Buddy found a place where he can it let it all hang free.

Buddy is a 21-year-old from a place we’re all glad we didn’t grow up.

In fact, as he describes to Sean Cody his Un-Pleasantville upbringing, you can’t help but feel bad for him.

But once be brought the room down, will he get your dick up?

sean cody buddy“Because I grew up in the South, sexually I have to be very low key and under the radar, so no one really knows who I am or what I’m doing.”

sean cody buddy“My first sexual experience was my friend giving me a blowjob in the basement.”

“Getting my dick sucked was a different experience. I kind of felt bad afterward, but in the moment

sean cody buddy“Yes, I felt bad because of religious guilt, but that guilt doesn’t last too long.”

sean cody buddy“I am interested in the idea of getting fucked in the ass.”

sean cody buddy“I have heard that it’s very pleasurable.”

sean cody buddy“I have thought about coming back – I think it will be fun.”

sean cody buddyOnce we get to round two, we understand why they kept his shirt on in round one. Buddy’s body is underdeveloped – even for Helix. He’s got an inviting ass and delivers two thick, very white loads. Did Sean Cody take him up on his offer to come back? Watch this blog.

[Watch Buddy at Sean Cody]


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