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Sean Cody Cabin Orgy: Which Number Do You Want To Be?

Sean Cody probably isn’t the go-to studio for anyone that’s looking to watch a large group video, but the studio decided to step out of the box this week and deliver a pretty solid orgy!

This new scene acts as part four to their Cabin series and features Sean, Josh, Justin, Cody, and Devy stripping out of their patterned onesies to reveal their rock hard schlongs. As they invade each other’s bodies, the men engage in some interesting and challenging positions that most people probably couldn’t pull off or would even think of trying in the first place!

All these wacky positions are making us wonder which role our readers would want to take over if they could magically insert themselves into this orgy. Do you want to be on top? Bottom? Suspended in the air?

Take a look below, let us know your preferred positions in our polls below, sound off with your perverted thoughts down in the comments, and after you’re done with all that, go ahead and watch this full orgy scene over at Sean Cody!

Want more? Check out the trailer for this cabin fuck fest below and see the full thing over at Sean Cody!


16 thoughts on “Sean Cody Cabin Orgy: Which Number Do You Want To Be?”

  1. I so wanna be sexy little Cody in that cabin as the pass around bottom for three of those hotties. It was so hot seeing big cock Sean pushing Cody’s head down on Justin’s big cock while fucking him.

  2. Sean corona is really going downhill and now pushing this whole POC thing. They need to stop doing all these quota hires with getting foreigners in their shoots.

    1. I’ll never cease to be amazed how many men on here are so ignorant, so racist and so biased!
      Today, in the times we are all living in that someone can express such hated for ” other ” humans is astounding to me. And Robeto its not just you, Pacoo, Jeff and a few other Anonymous commenters are guilty as well.

      I’m not suggesting that you don’t have the right to share your views, I’m saying that I think your views are disgusting and truly ignorant. And I’m exercising MY right to say so!!!

      Lastly, as I have said here before, the fact that anyone can say truly vile things about another person AND hide behind the name ” Anonymous ” is the height of cowardly behavior !

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