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Sean Cody’s Chester: The Naked Truth

“I love getting wild. A lot of the sex I have is not vanilla.” ~Sean Cody Chester

Chester is a 25-year-old premiering on Sean Cody today who has packed on 45 pounds of muscle in the last year.

The chief reason, to get his glutes as prominent as his other muscle groups.

And while he does initially play the obligatory pronoun game, he can’t hide the true nature of his sexuality.

Nor does he want to. Nor do we want him too. Let the return countdown begin.

sean cody chester“I’m a 25-year-old guy. I’ve jacked off and came in front of people before. But never on camera.”

sean cody chester“I’m unclothed more than I am clothed. I am pretty sure my nuts have touched every surface in my apartment.”

sean cody chester“Oh yes, anal sex is my favorite sex of all time. Giving. Receiving. Getting my ass eaten.”

sean cody chesterWhen you get fucked, you are kind of giving up control. You are giving up a part of yourself.”

sean cody chesterChester does seem to have some “control issues.” That sets him up as a top just fine. But when it comes to bottoming, he’ll likely have some barriers that, say, Randy, needs to break. One thing is for sure, that thick dick can shoot.

[Watch Chester at Sean Cody]

It’s almost a given he’ll be back and first as a top. Whose ass should have the honors?

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