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“Conrad & Shaw: Bareback” Much Ado About Nuttin’

For Conrad’s first hardcore scene, Sean Cody went for quantity over quality and succeeded at neither.

About a month ago, Conrad turned in more than a respectable solo. Of course Shaw has come into his own as a destination for cock. He’s learned how to do it, but it’s not instinctual.

For his first hardcore scene, someone like Joe, a gay and talented bottom would have a better match in every way: physically and sexually. Conrad provided willingness and a hard cock. What he needed was strong direction. He didn’t get it. The crew just phoned it in. That’s been happening way too often lately.

sean cody conrad fucks shawThe opening yack yack is painfully awkward. Cut to some pretty passionate kissing. “I really like to eat ass. That’s one fetish I have,” Conrad said in his solo. He then goes on to deliver possibly to most pointless and clueless rim job ever despite the vast expanse of Shaw’s beefy ass.

sean cody conrad fucks shawConrad drops trou, is rock hard, aims and misses. That and Shaw’s reaction is almost as embarrassing as what they tried to pass off as rimming. And why any of this made the final cut is a question we’ll save for another day. He eventually finds nirvana and starts dicking away. Enjoy it: this is the best pole in hole footage we get all day in both duration and visibility.

sean cody conrad fucks shawConrad keeps going, grabs Shaw’s cock and jacks off Shaw to one of his super-soakers. The camera does get in closer in time to see Shaw’s last few blasts land on Conrad’s chest like raindrops hitting a window. But everything has dried off by the time Conrad gets his nut and the camera is too far way. By the time it gets in close, Conrad is firing blanks. Conrad loads Shaw home, quick ATM, a lip lock and we’re done. And it’s all further downhill from here.

sean cody conrad fucks shawOnto round two in what best can be described as gay sex expressed in pantomime. Conrad attempts at taking Shaw in doggie isn’t as much a chihuahua trying to fuck a Great Dane as a baby bunny trying to mount a battleship. Even the mirror doesn’t show anything. Cut to side scissors where we do see Shaw jack out a second super-soaker. What we don’t see is any pole in hole footage. Or much more of Conrad’s second cumshot. Yes, this is what I meant what I say the crew phoned it in. But wait, there’s more.

sean cody conrad fucks shawAnd yes, this is what I meant by quantity over quality. They go for a third round which, believe it or not, manages to show even less penetration that the previous two. Conrad makes a common newbie mistake: rabbit fucking instead of long stroking. And no one told him otherwise. He eventually squeezes out a drop, but like the scene, he too is out of juice. Now hold that thought too.

sean cody conrad fucks shawThen there’s this: the BTS in many ways is better than the scene. Especially this “it went from his cock into my mouth, back to his mouth” leak. The trouble is, a little fluffing at the beginning of round three was the only time Shaw’s mouth was on Conrad’s cock. So, what exactly transpired before that that produced this load? We’ll have to call and ask the director. Maybe he can phone that in too.

[Watch “Conrad & Shaw” Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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  1. Sean Cody is a joke. The Puerto Rico series was crap and I had such high hopes for it. And back home now to release more crap.


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