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Daniel & Blake Make Magic

That old Sean Cody magic has been missing in action lately. Today with “Daniel & Blake: Bareback,” they’ve pulled a rabbit out of their hats and likely a helluva load out of your dick.

Daniel. Built, hung, scruffy Daniel, who made going salt and pepper early hot, is back after eight long months away. He’s a sexy man with a dirty mouth. Considering Blake even made Brandon worth watching when we saw him last, together with Daniel together, he makes this scene “appointment pornography.”

sean cody daniel
The BTS footage isn’t just filler today. It’s steamier than most soft porn. Nothing about this stays soft for long. Hot as seeing Liev bust Daniel’s cherry was, this scene meets if not beats it.

sean cody daniel
Blake was pig bottom hot today. Daniel didn’t let him cool down.

sean cody daniel
Daniel’s dirty talk and Blake’s growing sub streak brought out a level of passion we haven’t seen at Sean Cody in a long time.

sean cody daniel
Blake’s ass got drilled like Daniel was hollowing out a mountain for a new freeway.

sean cody daniel
After Daniel fucks the cum out of Blake, Blakes opens his cheeks, and Daniel lets loose of a massive load all over that hole and then shoves his dick back in. But Blake wasn’t done. Not until he cleaned that dick off and shared it with Daniel in a lip lock.

[Watch “Daniel & Blake: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

What’s your favorite Sean Cody scene of all time?

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