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Is Dexter Sean Cody’s Next Big Bottom?

“If I had to choose between body parts, I would definitely say, ‘my ass’ because you can put a dick in there.” ~Sean Cody Dexter.

Especially after the cum fest that “Asher, Deacon, & Hector: Bareback” that Sean Cody aired over the weekend, they had a lot to live up to today. And they did.

23-year-old Dexter is one of those rare Sean Cody Monday men you hope with be showing up on a Wednesday or Saturday as soon as possible.

He’s got a great body, and endearing Southern drawl, and is so confident and comfortable in his own skin, you can’t want to see more of it. And more of him. And not alone.

While I do wish he’d give the trimmer a rest, he’s got a fine body front and back, an ass that is an invitation waiting to happen, and while he a cutie in pictures, he looks much hotter on video.

sean cody dexter“I work out six days a week for about 2 and one-half to three hours.”

sean cody dexter“I want people to look at me and like what they see.”

sean cody dexter“I would describe my dick as bigger, meaty, full.”

sean cody dexter“What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I like to be fucked in the ass.”

sean cody dexter“First time I ever experimented I was like fourteen. It was with my best friend, I guess he got super horny and started touching on my leg.”

sean cody dexter“I pulled his dick out and sucked on it. Then he stuck it in my ass.”

sean cody dexter“Definitely a bottom. I like the feeling of being taken by a guy.”

sean cody dexter“Hurt some the first time. But I went with it. And now, I love it.”

sean cody dexterIt’s refreshing to have a gay men own his sexuality and not play the pronoun game. While there is no discussion of him returning for action, I am hoping the question isn’t “if”, but how fast.

[Watch “Dexter at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


1 thought on “Is Dexter Sean Cody’s Next Big Bottom?”

  1. Dexter’s got star power: handsome, great smile, great voice, muscular body, plump booty, big cock, great attitude, proud bottom boy. SC should show case Dexter and build a big fan base around him. It is so hot to see an awesome bottom boy being the star attraction on a site. We have one in the mostly bottom beauty Brysen. Now we need a total bottom boy star in Dexter as well.

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