“Feels Really Good. I’m Not Going To Lie”

“I’m going to lube it for sure. Then see how it feels going in the butthole.”

Meet Elliot. After a spate of solos where the guys looked more like E.T. than a potential Sean Cody model, Elliot has a cute face, a solid body, and a virgin hole that received it’s first encounter of the anal kind. Just like Elliot from “E.T.”, this Elliot never wanted his visitor to leave either.

sean cody elliot
I have not played with my hole before,” said soccer player Elliot. “I think it’s going to be a great sensation, to be honest. It will probably me cum even faster than usual.”

sean cody elliot
As he rubbed out his first load, his personality didn’t go out the window either. He wisely chose a starter-sized toy that matched his starter-sized cock and balls.

sean cody elliot
Elliot is bent over for the initial insertion, and we see it all clearly. Later when he’s on his knees, we see the still lodged plug from the mirror. No faking this time. I’d be shocked if Elliot didn’t take it home – and not just for a souvenir.

sean cody elliot
With that plug lodged firmly in his hole, I’m not sure if it made Elliot cum faster than usual as he wondered. But it sure made him shoot farther and harder than the first time. Since he’s cum this far, is a real cock next?

[Watch Elliot play with his hole for the first time]

3 thoughts on ““Feels Really Good. I’m Not Going To Lie””

    1. He really does have small balls doesn’t he? Honestly not that big of a deal for me, he’s really cute.

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