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Sean Cody’s Big Bonus Monday

First, there’s their new guy, Emmett who has plenty to show for himself. Then there’s new, revealing BTS footage from Asher, Brysen, & Deacon that show what really happened that afternoon.

Sean Cody has let us down plenty lately. Saturday’s update with boyfriends Asher and Deacon in their threeway with Brysen was a long way towards turning that frown upside down.

Today, they offer up not only a new, hung hottie. They also released over eleven minutes of BTS footage from Saturday’s fuckfest. And there’s plenty we haven’t seen yet.

First up, we have Emmett

sean cody emmettEmmett can swing a baseball bat. As far as what other swinging he may do, we don’t get a clue about that. But, he’s a handsome guy with thick 7.5″ dick who blows two loads for the camera. He’s pretty lean – the thickest part of him is between his legs.
While I do think his barber is a bit behind the times, as for Emmett coming back for a second time? No clue there. But far worse things (ie: Darryl, Howard, Arnie) have happened.

[Watch Emmett at Sean Cody]

Then there’s the new Behind The Scenes Bonus Footage from Asher, Brysen, & Deacon.

sean cody emmettAsher and Deacon’s first romp was an early contender for scene of the year. As we covered in detail on Saturday, their three-way with Brysen is another. I don’t recall Sean Cody releasing BTS footage like this before. Not bloopers or extras, this is a real glimpse into what we didn’t see that led to what we did.

sean cody emmettWho stretched themselves out with a dildo? Who was labeled the monster cock? How did they fluff up their dicks? Who seemed to like getting fucked off camera more than on? Who got the giggles in the middle of a rimjob? After you catch “Asher, Brysen, & Deacon: Spring Break”, be sure to check the bonus footage, then fap to the Spring Break again.

[Watch “Asher, Deacon, & Brysen: Spring Break” at Sean Cody]

If Asher & Deacon return for another three-way, who should the third be next time? Jack? Randy? Jess?

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