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Who Did Curtis Piss Off at Sean Cody?

I thought we had seen the last of Evan at Sean Cody. No such luck.

Remember when Shaw arrived at Sean Cody and they had him back to fuck Robbie almost immediately? Remember cocky Evan from Stiff Competition Monday? They pulled a Shaw and brought him right back to fuck Curtis.

On Shaw’s second stab at the male hole, he did make Curtis cum three times. I think that says more about Curtis than Shaw. Maybe Curtis is their go to guy for recalcitrant tops. Not the most enviable gig in Gay-for-Pay Land that’s for sure. This all leads us to Evan & Curtis: Bareback.

sean cody evan
Evan thinks he’s very hot. He also thinks his cock is “about nine inches.” I think that means he started measuring it around his kidney. He comes across again today like he’s doing us, and Curtis, a favor.

sean cody evan
Assuming the pictures are the best of the lot, that is the face of a man who looks like he just threw up in his mouth, not a guy using his dick for pleasure. The contempt for what he’s doing is a real boner-killer.

sean cody evan
Perhaps he’d be more interested if he actually was fucking a watermelon. Even Sean manages to fake it. I think it was Curtis who had to do the faking today.

[Watch Evan & Curtis: Bareback at Sean Cody]

10 thoughts on “Who Did Curtis Piss Off at Sean Cody?”

  1. It figures they would bring the douche back and not the very hot Robert. But baring that, I gave Evan the benefit of the doubt and just assumed all the douche-y comments he made in this and his solo scene were just his strange sense of humor shining through.

    Looking through that lens, this wasn’t a bad scene at all. He actually did a pretty decent job and added some nice verbal sex talk. Plus he broke the internal cumshots drought at SC. I’m not mad at him. It would be nice though if he could tone down the douche a bit. Maybe Randy can fuck some humbleness into him.

    1. Being for the gays & legitimately finding the space to want to fuck them are two very different things. Personally, it’s not the G4P I have an issue with, it’s his attitude regardless of his persuasion.

  2. How is this different from most of the gay4pay fakeness? Whether they show it on their face or “act” otherwise, the want to throw up and that’s a big turn off.

  3. I would like to see a lot more of Evan at SC. He is a great looking guy with a beautiful muscular body and for his first action scene: good job.

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