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Sean Cody’s Gino Displays His Assets

“I’ve never had a sexual experience with a guy before — but — I’m open to it. But, when it’s guy-on-guy, who is going to lead?” ~Sean Cody Gino

20-year-old Gino is an avid athlete and exercise enthusiast with the body to prove it.

Nice voice, camera ready, and seemingly not afraid to share what he thinks, what he’s done, and what he might do.

“There’s a lot more nudity after playing soccer than baseball. Everyone is a little curious to see how they gauge against other people. Including down there.”

sean cody gino“When I am lucky enough to get complimented, people compliment me on my abs.”

sean cody gino“I have been told my ass is very good also.” He was told correctly.

sean cody gino“Sex is great. I love the ability to share closeness and intimacy with someone.”

sean cody gino“I am more of a giver than a receiver.”

sean cody gino“When I am getting my dick sucked, I like it more sloppy and more ball play.”

“Personally, since guys have gotten their dicks sucked before, they would be better since they know personally what they would like to have done to them to make it feel better.”

sean cody gino“If I were to come back & I would have to fuck some assM.a<, I would someone a little bit taller, smoother skin, a better ass to look at, and definitely someone who can take a dick.”

sean cody ginoGino seems as comfortable in his own skin as he does on camera. And that ass is quite something – though Sean Cody didn’t give the airtime it deserves.

sean cody ginoHe seems quite open to coming back. I would be pretty shocked if he didn’t. Should that happen, he’d like to top. But considering where his lower region’s assets have been distributed, the bottom of things might be where he’d fare better. Watch this blog.

[Watch Gino at Sean Cody]

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