sean cody hayes

Sean Cody Hayes

“The idea of hot sex for me is to throw ’em on the bed and fuck their brains out.”~Sean Cody Hayes

Hayes, from Sean Cody, comes to us a day late, but it sure doesn’t come up short.

If anything, Hayes’ solo takes us a journey with an unexpected destination.

At first, everything about this guy screams, “one hit wonder” who will take the money and run – never to be seen again.

sean cody hayesBut once Hayes starts talking, he quickly dispenses of the pronoun game and reveals he’s all about that anal and more than ready to come back.

sean cody hayesHayes is 5’8″, 148 pounds and has been working out since he was 14.

sean cody hayesI am basically horny all the time. I like to jack off and I like to have sex. I like to have sex more than anything, to be honest.

sean cody hayes“I like it when they moan and groan. I like dirty talk. Spanking. Everything. I’m into it all.”

sean cody hayes“If you guys asked me to come back, I would definitely come back. I think it’s cool what you guys do and I enjoy it.”

sean cody hayes“The idea of being with another guy is kind of exciting. It’s not really scary at all.”

sean cody hayes“What I’m looking forward to the most is anal sex because I’ve never done it with either a guy or a girl.”

I hear sometimes it’s tight, sometimes it’s loose – so I’m excited to figure it out and see what happens.”

sean cody hayes

Sure, Hayes could be talking a good game. But let’s hope Sean Cody calls his bluff calls him back — and soon. Watch this blog.

[Watch Hayes at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


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