sean cody houston

Houston, We Don’t Have A Problem At All

“I like to get busted on my face, I think it’s hot.” And liftoff.

Until Donald Trump rallies, one of the few things whiter than either a blizzard or the Oscars is gay porn. While one man of color hardly makes a dent in the homo-erotic diversity issue, we’ll take him in every sense of the word. We’ll take him not because he’s black, but because he’s hot.

sean cody houston
Nice find Sean Cody. Houston is a nimble southern charmer who is a gymnastic coach with a hard, chiseled body to match. Ditto for his cock. Since he’s been a Sean Cody fan for five years now, he has an idea of what looks good on camera. So do we. Him.

sean cody houston
Like Manny, Benjamin was also a great addition to Sean Cody. Benjamin was the first Asian on Sean Cody in quite awhile. When it comes to African-Americans, the last one before Houston was Brett in April of 2015. Like Benjamin and Manny, Houston is a proud gay guy even without the paycheck. Cha-ching. We can use some more of that too.

sean cody houston
“Probably a nice dick,” Houston replies when asked what makes him feel like a tumble. With that brilliant smile and just a hint of a blush, “I’m more bottom,” he says. Just take a look at that landing field. Houston, we don’t have a problem with that at all.

[Watch Houston at Sean Cody]

Thinking positively and that Houston returns and soon, who would you like to see him paired with?

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