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Cole the Hole With Big Jack is Whack

Whomever it was at Sean Cody who thought twinkie Cole with Big Jack looked even remotely sexy together, may I offer 1-800-EYE-EXAM.

Jack is back and both buffer and leaner at the same time. Instead of pairing him Blake, or Sean, or even Tanner, hey put him twinkie Cole. In the BTS at the beginning, it looks like Jack got stuck watching his little brother for the weekend. So when Cole starts fawning over him, it rapidly dials up the ick factor. Friend to friend, fast foward through the first four minutes,

sean cody jack
Merciful cut to the bedroom where the camera stays focused primarily on Jack. Given his fine form right now, his fans will notch this into the “good enough” category which Sean Cody has yet to exceed in far too long. They had an opportunity here, but the casting blew it. Again.

sean cody jack
The right models for the right site. Cole should go to Active Duty where he’d be a star instead of here on Sean Cody where he’s a spoiler. His little body ends looks even more awkward here with Jack then it did with Shaw or Brodie. He also makes it very obvious he’s got some sexual skin in the game and that is not always true for his screen partners.

sean cody jack
One positive benefit to size differential was while Cole was riding away, Jack was able to scoop him up, turn him around, and deposit him on the bed while keeping his dick buried inside.

sean cody jack
Jack was captured from every angle and looked fucking hot, and hot fucking, in each one.

sean cody jack
All the more props to Jack for today. He got hard, stayed hard, fucked two loads out of Cole and gave him a creampie for the road.

[Watch “Jack & Cole:Bareback” at Sean Cody]

7 thoughts on “Cole the Hole With Big Jack is Whack”

  1. MindGeek: what do you want?

    It doesn’t seem that terrible. Feeds into the ‘twink gets fucked by hot jock’ trope.

    Sean who? Don’t know her

  2. Cole is a cute sexy boy and Jack is a freakin god. They are good together. I prefer seeing big muscular top man Jack plowing a big beautiful muscle guy like Joey, but any Jack is good Jack and good Jack is awesome Jack. I guess I’m just a hopeless Jackophile.

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