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Is Jakob With A “K” Is Smoking With An “S”?

Sean Cody’s Jakob has a treasure trail to paradise. Will he ever return — or will this be paradise lost?

“I’m Jakob. I’m a pretty simple guy,” he says, avoiding eye contact and or any emotion in his voice. “I like to work out. I like to be outdoors. I like to sleep.” adds this former HS baseball player, without adding anything substantial. The substantial part he does bring to the table is a beautiful body, cock, and two juicy loads.

All together, that gets Monday off to a pretty substantial part.

sean cody jakobAbs, obliques, pecs, and the line of hair running right down the center, Jakob doesn’t exude loving to be on camera — but there’s plenty for the camera to love about him nonetheless.

sean cody jakobHe definitely has perfected “resting bitch face.” While his nose isn’t straight, the rest of him sure seems to be, right down to that pretty dick and sizeable, suckable balls.

sean cody jakobPretty ass too. Enjoy the view here, however. On video, those purty globes are nowhere to be seen.

sean cody jakobHe takes about comparing cocks in the lockerroom and what happened the time his buddy came over and “caught him.” Not so sure about that. If this was a TV drama, the cameraman might be correctly accused of leading the witness.

sean cody jakobBut at the end of the day, what he leads out of that pretty dick is two substantial loads. As much I would love to see Jakob come back and show us just how nicely he can play with the other boys, anything is possible. But I am not sure it’s probable. Watch this blog.

[Watch Jakob at Sean Cody]

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