sean cody jayce

Sean Cody Jayce

“Well, I am straight. I just, you know, I’ve never had a dick in my ass so I might be fucking gay.” ~Sean Cody Jayce

Sean Cody brings us Jayce who is even more anally fixated than Hayes was.

Jayce, who looks every day of his 26 years, has a ripped, built body, a fine dick, and arguably one of the most fuckable holes to come along in a while.

He also has a mixed plate of self-anal exploration and burning desire for more … in both holes.

sean cody jayceI’ve never had experience with guys, but I have had a lot of toys in my ass.”

sean cody jayce“If I can recall the first time I stuck it in my ass it’s because I found a dildo laying around in the house. It was my roommates’ and I just used it and hey … what do ya know?

“My ass has never been played with. But I want my ass to be played with. I want my ass to be licked and all that good stuff.”

sean cody jayce“I’ve never had that done to me and I would like to experiment with that. I’m actually excited because I think the real thing would feel really good.”

sean cody jayce“If I were to come back, I look forward to possibly doing a blowjob and also getting fucked really hard.”

sean cody jayce“So I am looking forward to it and also a fucking dick in my mouth … I’m really looking forward to that.”

sean cody jayceTugging on his nips, slapping his dick, and flogging his log is what he does in round one. In round two, he rides a dildo like a champ and covers himself in a heavy load at the end. Highly likely we’ll see him again … the question is, with who? Watch this blog.


[Watch Jayce at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


7 thoughts on “Sean Cody Jayce”

  1. Jayce you’re a good looking guy (ignoring the eyebrows) and you got an awesome body, but if you’re str8, so am I.

  2. Straight….yeah right. He may actually have been attractive at some point, but honestly the eyebrows kill it for me. No straight man, and most men would never do that. He looks rather plastic to me, A big miss for Sean Cody, pun intended.

  3. lol wow guess he turned the corner into porn…been following him for years on cbate as johnny nutzz

  4. Okay, Sean Cody, I will play along with your narrative that this guy has never experienced a real dick in his ass or mouth and feels he needs to come to you to do so, despite that with today’s technology gaining sexual experience is easier than ever.

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