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Ollie Ollie Condom Free

Jayden fucks Ollie at Sean Cody: the good, the bad, and the fugly.

The good is Ollie bottoms. Topping was not his strong suit.

Seeing him getting pounded by Daniel or Brodie confirmed that.

The bad is Jayden is topping. Jayden is no Daniel or Brodie.

As for the fugly …

sean cody jayden
… none of that here. They look both good. Ollie in particular is looking extra fine. In the opening shot of Jayden and Ollie jogging with their dicks free balling in their shorts, visually, they make a fine pairing. That is something that doesn’t change.

sean cody jayden
The scene it light on kissing – three instances. Lighter on sucking. Just once before fuck number two. But Ollie’s beautiful ass, dripping in water and getting eaten by Jayden is something to see.

sean cody jayden
Then it’s time for a crab fuck in the shower. Ollie definitely seems to be enjoying the ride.

But Ollie slapping his own ass is not exactly an endorsement of Jayden’s ability to give his bottom what he needs.
sean cody jayden
Versatility in your own life, to please your partner for example, is one thing. The physical demands of topping for the duration and the requirements to film a porn scene is another. Jayden does OK. Just OK. But when we’re paying for it, OK doesn’t usually cut it, does it?

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Sean Cody Adds:

sean cody jayden
Ollie & Jayden

Ollie has really gotten pretty great at bottoming and this time actually requested to ride a dick. “It just feels really, really good. When I bust, it’s fucking intense.” Ollie admitted.

sean cody jayden
We have been noticing that Jayden has been more excited to be on set and we finally figured out why. “It’s because I have been able to be a top more often. I love fucking a nice tight ass!” Jayden and Ollie went for a run before their shoot to warm up and the two clicked almost immediately. “He is for sure one of the more attractive models I’ve been paired with.“ Jayden smiled.
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