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Sean Cody Judas Today, Nixon Returns Staurday

“I’ve only had sex with women, however, I am very open to the idea of coming back,” offers up Sean Cody’s Judas. And speaking of coming back, Tricky Dick will be returning this weekend.

22-year-old Judas is a part-time student, part-time day trader, yet still has plenty of time on his hands for other pursuits, like being a full-time hot man.

Judas has a nice spattering of body hair, a nice body, and a pretty, sizeable cock. That is all heightened by his easy-going, matter of fact manner.

sean cody judasHe doesn’t play the pronoun games as mush as he speaks his truth. How refreshing is that!

sean cody judas“My dick is pretty straight-forward. There’s nothing extreme. You see is what you get. I am a little bit of both between a grow-er and show-er. I’d say more a grower.”

sean cody judas“My top three places to bust a nut would have to be the face, the ass, and then inside.”

sean cody judas“I’ve been consciously bodybuilding since I was 17 years old. This is my sixth year of lifting.”

sean cody judasSex is sex. For me, I find to be a physical and emotional interaction between you and your partner.”

sean cody judas“I was invited to a circle jerk but I never actually participated.”

sean cody judas“What I would attractive in a guy probably would be more personality and how I interact with him. If someone has a hard to work with personality – that’s going to be a problem.”

sean cody judasAnd when it comes to the matter at hand, literally, Judas more than just pulls off his stroke sessions. His first blast flies almost impossibly high and the second, he splatters himself right on the chin. Will he back for more? Hope so. That could be the start of a journey worth watching.

[Watch Judas at Sean Cody]

And speaking of watching, after 8 months and change, Nixon will be returning to Sean Cody. We don’t know much more than that yet. He bottomed for Daniel on his last appearance and it wasn’t exactly the things wet dream were made of. That does lead smart money to think he’ll be back as a top. But could it be his first flip fuck?

See you Saturday when we’ll break it all down.

Watch this blog.

Click here for the Nixon Archives at the Sword and here for his scenes on Sean Cody.


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