“Model Sustainability” Big Muscle Edition

Sean Cody’s Kellin has resurfaced as Corbin Fisher’s Marcus. But will all that new mass do any good if he’s still a lousy performer?

“Model Sustainability.” When a model leaves one sight and reappears with a new name on the other.

We’ve seen with the former SC Sheridan who is now Gunner at NextDoor and also at NextDoor as Elye, the former Corbin Fisher (CF) Dave. Recently, Leon Lucas became Kai at CF and most famously, SC Brandon who became Brandon Cody on Men.com

New name aside, Kellin’s metamorphosis into the Marcus packs along with a major physical transformation.

This is a preordained 3-part stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™.
sean cody kellin now corbin fisher marcusKellin was a cutie with a fine body when he first appeared on SC in early 2014. He made a solo and topped Bryce and then Matt in the next couple of months then disappeared for a couple of years. In 2016, a more muscular Kellin reappeared on SC.

kellin-chaseThey apparently realized he wasn’t equipped as top and had him bottom disastrously for Brandon and Chase before his final attempts at topping with Joey and Phillip.

sean cody kellin now corbin fisher marcusThere’s just enough pay to make some guys able to fake it as gay. Kellin tried. Twice. Then he disappeared once again. Until today.

sean cody kellin now corbin fisher marcusAs Marcus, he’s now big and bloated to the point where he’s almost unrecognizable and no doubt, there is an Amber Alert going off for what used to be his neck.

sean cody kellin now corbin fisher marcusModels are looking out for themselves. As long as they are contract-free, they have a right to go to any studio and any studio has the right to hire them. But the big question here is why would CF hire someone who can’t top or bottom nor was particularly well-liked during his turns two at bat?


[Watch Marcus at Corbin Fisher]



10 thoughts on ““Model Sustainability” Big Muscle Edition”

  1. Wow…the body shaming on here, jealous much?! He might not be your ‘type’ but no need to put him down based on his looks. He is a good looking, thicc attractive man, a lot of guys would like to be as big as him.

  2. Ouch! I hope you’re a pillar of perfection if you’re running down the guy this much! He’s hot in all 3 of his phases, and if you don’t like him don’t watch him. I will however gladly watch.

  3. On CF his scene has a low rating. Hopefully they’ll realize he’s not worth pursuing. And CF has been on a nice run of smoking models lately (MAX ❤️, Elian, Tucker, Wesley), so it was only a matter of time before they blew it.

  4. If you like big beefy muscular guys Marcus is your man. I don’t think he’s going to be popular with CF subscribers who over the years seem to prefer leaner muscular guys.

  5. A goodlooking lousy performer can last a while. Chunky bloated looking lousy performer (0 for 2)— this should be the last we see of him!

  6. CF has a lot of nerve featuring this guy. Double chin, too bulky, not good. Does not belong on CF.
    What happened to this guy, I hope we don’t see him again.

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