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The (W)Hole Kit & Cadoodle

“I was going to give the best head this dude ever had. I’m a guy. I know what I like so I damn sure knew what he wanted. Oh yeah. He came all over my face.” ~Kit

Kit is a deep-voiced 20-year old with a penchant for outdoor sports and a fledging equal opportunity employer when it comes to the sexes and having sex.

Though Sean Cody’s solos have been some of their best-filmed episodes of the week, this one could have used a bit more light. However, the documentary style where Mr. Camera’s voice is left out of the final cut is definitely a winner.

sean cody kitKit doesn’t take the best picture in the world but he does look better on video. He is a little soft in the middle for a Sean Cody model – something that can be fixed. He does have a commanding presence on screen many lack — and that’s something that can’t be fixed..

sean cody kitFrom time to time, he almost looks like Blake’s collegiate lil bro before the tan and the gym routine.

sean cody kit“I’m more sexually experienced with women, but I have my share of experiences with men>.”

sean cody kit“I began to kiss him … and I worked my way down his body.”

sean cody kitWhen I masturbate, sometimes it’s just me and my hands. But I have a few toys I like to use and spice things up.”

sean cody kit“It was a little painful — at first — until I let go — and let myself enjoy it.

sean cody kit“If I were to come back and shoot a film, I’d definitely want something a little rougher. I’d definitely like someone to focus on my ass and really let me have it.”

sean cody kit“When I have sex with a woman, I’m usually in control. With a man, it’s a total role reversal.”

sean cody kit“I’ve topped and bottomed in my personal life. But there are a lot of models on the site I wouldn’t mind just coming in and taking my ass.”

Anyone who seeds his own hole on his own volition is in the right place. It’s almost inevitable they bring him back. The question is, who should his partner be?

[Watch Kit at Sean Cody]

No, he’s not the usual Sean Cody model in the looks department. But he does have other charms. Do they make him a winner for you or another case of the site shredding their former standards?


3 thoughts on “The (W)Hole Kit & Cadoodle”

  1. Total hunk and he’s prefect, I don’t see that he’s a little thick in the middle, that’s a real man, I mean after all I don’t have a six pack, do you?

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