sean cody klint

Sean Cody Klint

“I was in an orgy and it was a free-for-all. I fucked someone. Some Fucked me. I came on them. They came on me. It was a good night.” ~Sean Cody Klint

Klint is one sexy fucker.

6’4″, 170 pounds, with a seven-inch cock and a set of abs that belong in the picture dictionary to illustrate what a perfect six-pack looks like.

Klint also has an accent. I am not sure exactly which country it is from. But I am sure how it sounds: sexy AF.

sean cody klintJust like the rest of him.

sean cody klint“My first experience was in a threesome with a man and a woman.”

sean cody klint“I work out every day, and I think my abs are my best feature.”

sean cody klint“I want to get bigger and build more muscle.”

sean cody klintHandsome as he looks in pictures, Klint is even hotter on video.

sean cody klintHe brings a unique indifference to the camera which adds a refined air to his on-camera presence that is as rare as it is inviting.

sean cody klintI do hope he gives the trimmers a rest when they bring him back. Big note: there’s no mention of him coming back. This is wishful thinking. But if they let this one get away, Sean Cody is certifiably crazy.

sean cody klintTwo hot rounds. Two hot loads. And the hope we’ll see more of him in 2018.

[Watch Klint at Sean Cody]

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