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What’s Really in Ft. Knox Isn’t Gold After All

Since the carpet matches the drapes, Sean Cody’s Knox shows us not it’s gold, but ginger in them there hills.

By hills, I mean his ass.

Next to my pits, my ass is the hairiest part about me,” Knox tells us right up front.

He’s an admittedly shy 20-year-old.

But not so shy Knox didn’t spill three loads today.

sean cody knoxGood sex would definitely have to be not too quick and not too soft.”

sean cody knoxLonger and rougher is the better.”

sean cody knox“For me to have sex with someone, I guess they don’t necessarily have to be important to me. It really depends on how I feel that day and whether I want it or not.”

sean cody knox“I’m 5’10”, 170 pounds. The body part I get the most compliments on would definitely be my butt.”

sean cody knox“Some guys have bigger arms then legs. I definitely have a bigger ass.”

sean cody knoxHe does admit to checking out the other guys at the gym but, not the same way we do. “I’m envious of other guys at the gym with big traps and shoulders.”

sean cody knoxThat’s about all we find out about him. And possibly, there’s not that much more to really learn relevant to our purposes here. He’s not exactly Mr. Charisma on camera and not a prime recruit for a return. But nothing wrong with starting this holiday week with a little taste of fresh ginger.

[Watch Knox at Sean Cody]

We’re ending the year with Sean Cody giving the model’s asses some air time and perhaps a penchant, for three loads not two. Any complaint on that? Didn’t think so

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