sean cody kody

“If I Could Describe My Dick In Three Words …”

“… I would say; long, hot, and bulging.” And I’ll say this for Kody, he speaks the truth.

No. It’s not just you. Today’s Kody from Sean Kody is similar to Tyson they unveiled last week. Only today, we have his slightly buffer and better hung brother from another mother who knows when to put the scissors down.

With the exception of the scorching Jack and Lane scene that ended June, Sean Cody seems to be on a quantity kick that continues today.

More isn’t always more. Especially for a jack off video no matter how hot the guy. But as far as Monday offerings go, Kody is a good one.

sean cody kodyBut still, almost 25 minutes is a long time for a solo. Yes, Kody is 28 and likes to “show off his big dick.” But it also seems our Mr. Camera Man du jour has mistaken this for a talk show. Less words and less minutes would have been of benefit here for all parties concerned.

sean cody kodyBut one plus for all the footage, Kody looks better in motion than in the still pics. But since we do have all that time together, it’s all the more maddening that we have no idea of Kody’s sexuality. It is made clear, however, that Mr. Camera Guy and Kody seem to think Kody had a mega-huge cock. Big? Yes. Appetizing? Yes. And uncut to boot. But huge?

sean cody kodyThe one thing we do find out about Kody is that he’s a jack-off exhibitionist. He likes the idea of being seen or seeing someone else in this act a lot. Maybe, too much.

As has been the case lately, by the time they got a close up of Kody’s first cumshot, he’s just dribbling. Round two has less yacking, more jacking and a beautiful capture on the main event.

sean cody kodyWill we ever see him again? Who knows. As for what we hear and see next time, hoping for less commentary and more close-ups. Hope, and Kody springs eternal.

[Watch Kody at Sean Cody]

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