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Lachlan’s Serves Up A Triple

“The hottest thing about having sex with a guy is getting ridden and watching his dick bounce. Ya know, there’s something about a dick bouncing off your stomach that is just awesome.” ~Lachlan

29-year-old Lachlan is a back to nature, survivalist kind of guy.

He is also both articulate enough to say he loves natures but prefers bubble butts over muscular ones in the same sentence.

sean cody lachlanArticulate, yes, but emotive, no. A little deadpan side when it comes to talking. Then again, this ain’t a talk show. Lachlan is at Sean Cody today to do something else. And he does it three times.

sean cody lachlan“What really gets me turned on is one somebody who is completely submissive and get their ass up in the air and lets me dominate. That’s my favorite thing to do.”

sean cody lachlanLachlan discovered he was also attracted to males at age 25. “One thing led to the next” and I “picked him up and took him to the bedroom. It is definitely not my last.”

sean cody lachlanHe doesn’t take a bad picture, but he is also one of those that looks better on video.

sean cody lachlan“I’ve never actually bottomed before. But I do like my ass eaten out. And that could possibly lead to other things. One of my fantasies has always been being the submissive one and getting my ass plowed.”

sean cody lachlanI would definitely like to come back and top somebody. I think it would be an awesome experience.”

sean cody lachlanOk, Sean Cody: Lachlan is ready, willing, and able. Don’t fuck up the casting or the filming up and we might have a winner here, guys.

[Watch Lachlan at “Sean Cody”]

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