sean cody leif

Sean Cody’s Leif

“My English is OK but my fucking is better. I’ll be back and fuck all guys.” ~Sean Cody Leif

31-year-old Leif moved to the US four years ago from his native Russia.

He has a fairly thick accent but a good command of English and likes dancing, playing his guitar, and helping animals.

Thicker than his accent is his dick. And it’s sizeable and uncut to boot.

Now if he would just give the clippers a rest and let his pubes go natural like his chest.

sean cody leifI’m straight now but I am open to try new things”

sean cody leifsean cody leif“I have a lot of sex. The way I like my dick sucked is a little bit slow then more fast”

sean cody leif“Sex – I like one-hour minimum as then it’s more wild, wild, wild.”

sean cody leif“I don’t have favorite positions as … each position in sex is favorite because you don’t know what’s happening next. I like different each time.”

sean cody leif“I had before one experience. But not with guys. With a shemale — TTS. One time.

sean cody leif“Sometimes I watched gay porn. And with TS. Sometimes you watch this porn and you have erections … why not?”

sean cody leif“My dick is fat and has a little bit hair and yeah, it’s big. When I cum, it’s a lot.”

sean cody leifI want to come back and fuck another guy.”

sean cody leifLeif, who looks so much better on video than in the stills, seems earnest enough. In fact, he’s pretty likable. What remains to be seen is if his openness stems from his own fluidity or if he was repeating some lines that may have been fed to him. Watch this blog.

[Watch Leif at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.

1 thought on “Sean Cody’s Leif”

  1. “I’m straight now”





    So much wrong in just one quote, what the goddamn fuck does that mean?! This dude is ugly as hell too, but since SC has a thing for troll looking boys as of late, I’m afraid he’ll be back, ugh.

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