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Brodie Should Give Creampie & Barebacking Lessons After This

Levi’s “secret stash” of seven dildos is going to start gathering dust since Brodie just fucked him into next week.

During his debut solo a couple of weeks ago at Sean Cody, bisexual Levi revealed behind that shiny toothpaste commercial smile is a boy is like things on the dirty side. Levi’s idea of a perfect date is going “straight to anal” and today, he gets literally in more ways than one.

sean cody levi
Today is another lesson in the importance of casting — especially with G4$ guys like Brodie. When he was with fellow G4$ Tanner, it was a disaster they both couldn’t get out of fast enough. But with gay Manny, almost a year to the day after Brodie returned after his three-year sabbatical, it was one of Brodie’s best scene everuntil today’s trouncing of Levi.

sean cody levi
Levi’s dream date of “straight to anal” took a pit stop so he could suck Brodie could feed him that fabled thick pole. Then Brodie scooped Levi up, tossed him on the bed, bent him over and pounded him like in a bitch in heat with said bitch rock hard and leaking in appreciation.

sean cody levi
Levi’s cock remains at full mast, pointing at the ceiling hands-free while riding Brodie’s pole in a showcase of how a true power bottom ascends their top and he gets his first nut, and a jizz laden hole for his efforts. for a tour-de-force first hardcore scene.

sean cody levi
Brodie begins the second act with ass snack. Starting in doggie and later flipping Levi his on back, Brodie pounds him again with a ferocity that only lets up to allow for a capturing a creampie where you almost hear the cum squishing as Brodie slides back in.

[Watch “Levi & Brodie: bareback” at Sean Cody]

3 thoughts on “Brodie Should Give Creampie & Barebacking Lessons After This”

  1. Did we watch the same scene? Did Sean release a Director’s Cut I somehow missed.

    Brodie could barely get his cock hard – when Levi was riding him he had to push his thumb against the base of his cock to keep it from bending in half.

    Levi was working overtime to make it seem like something interesting was happening – and it wasn’t.

    They need someone with a monster cock, like Jess, to fuck him into next week. Enough with the Brodies, Tanners, and Brandons. We’re over them.

  2. I think in the only person that doesn’t give two shits about scenes with Brodie now that he doesn’t bottom anymore.

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