Sean Cody Logan

Logan Has A Smackdown With His Dick

“I’m a big, manly guy, but I kinda soft in a sense. I like to be passionate and intimate. Even though I like to be dominant, I like to be held too.” ~Sean Cody Logan

24-year-old Logan is big and beefy befitting a man who has worked construction “his whole life.” He also pounds some iron every night afterward.

Logan is very confident without being egocentric. That translates into being extraordinary comfortable on camera — especially for a first-timer.

Sean Cody LoganHe does play to the camera while seemingly being oblivious to its presence, and delivering a more than just decent loads after each time at bat. That could also be because he wanted to do this since he was 18. After six years or rehearsal, it’s show time, folks.

Sean Cody Logan“In high school, I had sex with a few girls quite often so it became very open that I had, like, a decent sized dick so I actually thought about being in porn.

Sean Cody Logan“I actually got my dick pierced when I was 18. I saw a porn star with his and thought that would help me if I wanted to do the same.”

Sean Cody Logan“I have been told by a couple of chicks before that my dick is like, the ideal dick. That is they could put a dick together that mine would be the perfect dick. I was pretty happy being told that.”

Sean Cody Logan“I jack off, roughly, at least, twice a day. It’s a good way to start the day.”

Sean Cody Logan“I don’t like how hairy my body is. It really bothers me. I feel I am way more hairy than the normal man so it gives me a sort of a complex.”

Sean Cody LoganWhen he said, “I jack off, roughly,” we could also remove the first comma and it would still be accurate. He gives his dick a sudden smack like it’s the enemy. Perhaps that’s his way of showing that he calls the shots with his big head rather than the small one. But as far as seeing him again, there’s only one way to call that: a longshot.

[Watch Logan at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


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