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Manny’s First Sex Scene Already: Good Move Sean Cody

Manny won Stiff Competition Monday with 85% of the vote. Today he gets 100% of Tanner’s dick.

I’m not sure what Manny is into porn-wise. Man-wise, he’s definitely into Tanner.

Sean Cody wasted no time bringing Manny back and getting Tanner into him.

sean cody manny
For his part, Tanner was excited that Manny was excited. When Tanner walked in, he gave Manny a smooch that left them both blushing as if they needed anything to look cuter together.

sean cody manny
Manny had a game plan, “I’m not sure if I want to eat his ass out more. Or bury my face in his pits. Or suck some dick.” Manny got his “Tanner To Do List” completed pretty quickly. After a quick “pit stop,” he turned Tanner’s ass into a buffet table that extended to the flip side.

sean cody manny
At the 9:45 mark, Tanner is yanking Manny’s shorts off and even he had to stop and say, “nice dick.’ At 10:06 Manny says, “give me that dick.” Tanner didn’t have to be told twice.

sean cody manny
Look at the joy on Manny’s face. I said it on Monday. He’s a natural. He cums buckets when Tanner gets him on all fours. Either he didn’t know to alert the crew his implosion was impending, or the crew forgot to tell him to do so. But everything else about the scene more than makes up for it. More Manny, Sean Cody. And let’s get his ass eaten next time too.

[Watch Manny & Tanner: Bareback at SeanCody]

A commenter suggested Robbie and Manny could be hot together. I’d love to see those big dicks battle in a flip. Who would you like to see Manny paired with next?

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