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Sean Cody’s Marty Is Already A Dick Lover

“My ultimate wish, if I come back to Sean Cody, is to be in the middle of an orgy with six hot guys and have them all cum all over me. And my face. And my mouth. And my eyes. And everything else.” ~Sean Cody’s Marty

Marty is a 31-year-old making his debut today. At that age, he knows exactly what he likes and expresses it quite cleary in his three-load get to know me fap.

Curiously, Marty tells us that his nice dick can be a little trigger happy which could be a problem later when, not if, he comes back. But the dildo ride he takes in round three says he’s more than ready.

sean cody martyWho doesn’t love dick? Big dicks. Small dicks. Dicks are wonderful.”

sean cody marty“It was really exciting to be able to change and evolve instead of being a hopeless romantic my whole life.

sean cody martyMy favorite things to see on Sean Cody is where there are new, fun, and exciting angles.”

sean cody martyIf I come back, I think it would be fun to have sex with a guy around my same height & athletic build.”

sean cody martyFlip fucking would be a fun scene because I’m vers.”

sean cody marty“A lot of time with foreplay with clothes or underwear on gets me worked up a lot.”

sean cody marty“There are many times I have cum accidentally because it felt so good.”

sean cody marty“The first time I bottomed, it was a really big dick. But after I warmed up to it a little bit more, a lot of different dick sizes feel good.”

[Watch Marty at Sean Cody]

Marty wants to come back and do a flip. Who should the other flipper be?


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