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Sean Cody’s Montana Is A Sharp Shooter

Actually, Sean Cody’s Montana is a former gymnast, not a marksman. But he is a shot putter. As in landing his cum shot right on his face.

At 5’5″ and 178 muscled pounds, Montana’s previous days on the pummel horse or rings are easy to imagine. He keeps that body tight now by working out and during the course of his almost 20-minute solo, we follow along with his bends and flexes.

We also follow along as he strokes out two impressive nuts. The first for its volume. The second for its distance.

sean cody montana self facialMontana is all smiles and they’re a bit infectious. He still has a boyish twinkle in his eye. But when he speaks, it’s the deep voice of a grown man that does the talking.

sean cody montana self facialAs for his sexuality, we find out not so much as a clue. He could just as easily have been that solitary straight guy on the gymnast team as a volunteer for a pride parade.

sean cody montana self facialThough there may be clues in the two pick-up lines that purportedly get him laid; “Do you mind if I tie your shoes because I don’t want anyone else falling for you,” and “are you a camera because every time I look at you, I smile.” I think cheesy lines like that might work better in a dairy than a gay club … but you never know, do you?

sean cody montana self facialBut when it came to the task at hand today, happy-go-lucky Montana becomes suddenly serious and focused.

sean cody montana self facialAnd the ease in which that second load lands right on his cheek — with a bonus blast filling the crevice between his pecs is worth the price of admission. And a load of your own.

[Watch Montana at Sean Cody]

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