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Noel Gets Nailed and Loves Every Minute of It

The most famous senior at Sean Cody High returns to the scene of no crime looking hotter than ever. Noel, good to have you back.

It was late 2013. Like many seniors, Noel worked part-time to help support his family. He was of legal age. His work was at Sean Cody. When that came to light, he was initially suspended from his high school for being a disruption. Noel was news coast to coast and ultimately, his high school relented. Three years later, he gets a welcome back fuck from Sean today at Sean Cody.

sean cody noel
As we can see by the The Sword’s Pornback Machine™, the twink is tuwnking up. He’s been in the armed forces and it has done his body good. Back in his initial run, he was one in a six man gang bang that is still one of the hottest scenes to ever come out of the Mountain Getaway series from any year.

sean cody noel
Noel on all fours. Isn’t that a pretty sight? Perhaps due to the backlash from watermelon-gate, Sean sure tried hard today.

sean cody noel
Sean was engaged, playful, and occasionally forceful in the right ways at the right times. The extended oral is pretty hot. They are both good with their mouths and tongues. Noel clamps his mouth down on that oh-so-sensitive cock head of Sean’s just after he cums — and won’t let go, making Sean visibly shudder. Well done, son.

sean cody noel
Even though Sean makes a pretty hot bottom, you can’t always count on his dick when he’s the designated top.

sean cody noel
Today, he was pretty decent I have to say. He sure made Noel happy. Very happy. Noel himself might have even tossed in a second or even third “very.” Take a look …

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Sean Cody Adds:

sean cody noel
Sean & Noel

Noel finally got back from his deployment overseas and was really excited to start filming again. “Being over there is really aggressive and nerve-racking but here I get to run around and have fun all day!” We tricked Noel a little bit too since we told him he was going to top, however, since Sean bottomed for Randy we figured we would give him a break. Noel was for sure shocked. “Wait, you want me to bottom for that huge cock?”

sean cody noel

I laughed and smiled and so did Noel. “This is going to be intense.” The two, right out of the gate, got really playful and aggressive at the same time and it made for an awesome pairing. Watching Noel tickle Sean at the end has to be one of the most adorable things we have seen here in a while. [Watch their Full Scene]


The Sean Cody ‘Mountain Getaway’ Climaxes In a Smoking Six-Man Orgy

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2 thoughts on “Noel Gets Nailed and Loves Every Minute of It”

  1. Love watching Noel. He is such a cute sexy guy with a fun and playful personality. Seems like he really loves gettin it on with hot guys.

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