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Regan-omics Don’t Always Add Up

“I’d like to be paired with somebody smaller than me that I could toss around and manhandle.” ~Sean Cody Regan

Some good news to start with: Regan looks better on video than he does in stills.

He does have a strapping body.

He also has a nice deep voice.

His first load is a high flier.

And round two is shot in a hotel room.

However …

sean cody reganYes. He’s a farm boy from a small town. But as for being Sean Cody material, to me, that particular whole doesn’t equal the sum of his parts even one head at a time.

sean cody regan“What I like? Girls, guys, and pizza.” Perhaps not necessarily in that order.

sean cody regan“Women kind of expect me to be an asshole.”

sean cody regan“I tend to get plenty of men going for the squeeze on the arms.”

sean cody regan“Guys definitely suck dick better. They know what they are doing. Girls are just the wrong speed and the wrong pace.”

sean cody regan“Something some people don’t know about me: I do have sexual experience with guys. My first time was just kind of a casual thing.”

sean cody reganAnd while he says, “thick thighs the make the dick rise,” another thing is for sure, they sure don’t always help the optics.

sean cody reganTrue, size isn’t everything. But when you seem to fancy yourself a top, and said topping will be on video, it may not be everything. But it matters.

sean cody reganAnd since I have a feeling he’ll be back, we’re likely to find that out for sure.

[Watch Regan at Sean Cody]

Just because he’s not my favorite doesn’t mean he can’t be yours. Whay do you guys think?

6 thoughts on “Regan-omics Don’t Always Add Up”

  1. His small penis is just fine for my taste and so is his face. Let’s just say that everyone in porn will not be everyone else’s taste. There is no need to belittle people for what you perceive to be their shortcomings. If he isn’t your taste, just skip his scenes and move on. There are plenty other big dick porn stars you can admire.

  2. About to just stop clicking the sean Cody articles on this site. Goodness the guy is has a smaller than average cock and it’s like he doesn’t deserve to be in porn. Bet he looks better than whoever wrote this article anyways. Grow up Sword

    1. Jesus man, saying cock size doesn’t matter in gay porn is like saying height doesn’t matter in basketball in the first place. In the second place, how about the fact this dude was spawned on the ugly tree and hit every branch on his way down … or don’t looks matter in porn either?

  3. Guess it’s time to stop visiting this website. Every “review” lately is borderline mean. There’s too much negativity online. There’s plenty of porn out there…why not focus on scene you like instead of things you dislike?

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