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Sean Cody’s Reuben “I’m A Very Dominant Person”

“I definitely do not make love, I definitely fuck.” ~Sean Cody Reuben.

Reuben is not just dominant. He’s out, proud, and hot.

He’s also a triple threat, spilling three loads in his get to know fap and leaves us wanting more.

There’s nothing bland about this 20-year-old.

Including how he was raised.

sean cody reuben“I grew up with two moms. A ‘mom’ version and a ‘dad’ version. I was raised to have a lot of respect for women.”

sean cody reuben“‘Cause she dresses like a guy, it’s actually pretty cool because we get to share boxers and shirts and that something most people don’t get to experience.”

sean cody reuben“I always gym before work. I’m a waiter. The way to get a good tip is to be flirty, hospitable. You use that to your advantage.”

sean cody reuben“When it comes to sex … I’m into the chocking. The hitting. The spitting. I’m into the biting.”

sean cody reuben“Don’t get me wrong. I could be nice and slow. But down the line, you will be getting a ramming.”

sean cody reuben“I could get fucked and I will enjoy it. But I’d prefer not to get fucked because I like to be dominant.”

sean cody reuben“Once you are in a relationship, you can make love to a person … while still choking them.”

sean cody reubenThere’s no discussion of him coming back and doing this during the scene. I do hope, however, the discussions were had off-camera and plans for his return have already been made. Watch this blog.

[Watch Reuben at Sean Cody]

Sounds like we could have another Daniel or Frankie on our hands. If they do get Reuben back, who should he be paired with?

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