sean cody rick now corbin fisher josiah

Model Reboot: Sean Cody’s Rick Is Now Corbin Fisher’s Josiah

No matter when, no matter where, this stud is worth a second look. The big question still remains: will there be a third look in the future?

Corbin Fisher writes today, “We’re even more impressed by how much he gets into jerking when a slew of jizz-inducing dirty talk comes pours out of his mouth as Josiah uses two hands to wrangle the beast between his legs – beating it to a white-hot submission!”

While Sean Cody wrote, “[nada]”.

But it’s never about what the sites scribe, it’s what they get the models, or in this case, model, to do.

A stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
sean cody rick now corbin fisher josiahWhat a difference two years can make. He was 22 at Sean Cody. Now 24, he’s still quite a hot number from any angle.

sean cody rick now corbin fisher josiahSean Cody listed his dick at 7.5″. Corbin says 8.5″. His pecs are fuller than they were two years ago. But I think camera angles and what the copywriter thought they could get away with account for the size disparity than post-pubescent cock growth. He’s a very fuckable hunk no matter what the age, name, or size.

sean cody rick now corbin fisher josiahNo. Don’t wrap it up. We’ll eat it right here.

sean cody rick now corbin fisher josiah“Rick” was a one-nut wonder at Sean Cody. Will it be the same this time around? Even if Corbin Fisher doesn’t get more out of him, perhaps they can at least get him to stop shaving his pubes. And once he does, will we ever hear see a guy foraging one of those short and curlies out of his mouth? Watch their trailers, then keep watching this blog.

From March 2015

[Watch “Rick at Sean Cody”]

From Today, April 12, 2017

[Watch “Josiah at Corbin Fisher”]


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