sean cody roberts first sex scene

A Sean Cody Scene Where the Only Thing That Sucks Is the Str8 Guy

Hell has frozen over. Pigs are flying. At Sean Cody, Robert’s dick gets and stays hard enough to fuck in his first sex scene. Which one of these is true?

Recently at Sean Cody, Brodie and Tanner then Brandon and Duncan weren’t just “meh,” they were rehashed “Deja Boo’s” that should have never been filmed much less seen. Today, Robert & Curtis: Bareback delivers some of that “first timer” magic that made Sean Cody in the first place.

sean cody roberts first sex scene
Robert was the winner of our first Stiff Competition Monday. I wasn’t sure we’d ever see this Southern charmer again. How can you not love a guy who says, “I’m fixin’ to cum” for the second time in an afternoon? After having to break in douchey Evan for his first sex scene, Curtis earned this one. The bromance is on.

sean cody roberts first sex scene
Curtis is ripped and looking great. And happy. A muscle bottom with a dick like that. The size differential between his honker and Robert’s regulation issue piece is a beautiful sight. So is the fact that both of their dicks stay this hard the entire time.

sean cody roberts first sex scene
Even though Curtis doesn’t have a starter cock, Robert starts anyway.

sean cody roberts first sex scene
Curtis rides them both home until they both nut for the first time; his abs etched to impossible perfection as he blasts. The second set of loads is even creamier. And steamier. As for Robert, “It’s a new day, I’m a new man!” he says with a smile. And a better man too.

[Watch Robert & Curtis: Bareback at Sean Cody]

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