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If You Put Both Of Their Hard Cocks Together, You’d Get A Soft Rocco Steele

Did Sean Cody pair the guys with the two smallest cocks on the site together figuring they would cancel each other out, and we wouldn’t notice there’s literally not enough meat to go around?

No. This is not an exercise is size shaming. This is about simple mechanics required in an effective gay porn scene. There are height requirements at Disneyland to ensure no one too small gets gobbled up, never to be seen again. When the top’s cock physically isn’t big enough so it can both penetrate an ass and still have some shaft clearly visible for the camera, it too gets gobbled up and never to be seen again.

sean cody rusty
Regardless how you feel about the rest of him, the fact that Rusty’s cock measures in at 5.5″ has relegated him to be a bottom for a reason. Filming requires cameras, lights, ackward positions, and at least one average sized cock to be able to make that all work.

As for Elliot, Sean Cody list’s Elliot’s cock as 5″.

sean cody rusty
Which means “Elliot and Rusty: Bareback” didn’t even add up on paper to begin with. Sean Cody always knew Rusty didn’t physically qualify to be a top. They knew Elliot is even less equipped. It doesn’t mean the guys aren’t hot or can’t fuck. But this isn’t a backroom, it’s porn. We have to be able to see it

sean cody rusty
Elliot broke some ground and diddled his own hole in his solo and had the balls to came back for more. This isn’t poking fun at anyone for something they can’t control. My only gripe here is with Sean Cody. Sean Cody is not a small niche site. It is a site about fucking. Fucking means we see both hole and pole at the same time. One way or another, everyone got shortchanged today.

sean cody rusty
It’s Elliot’s first hardcore scene and from that standpoint, well done. In effort and enthusiasm, he goes all in. That much is fully visible. The first round ends up in piledriver where Elliot produces one dollop of cum and then goes on to attempt a creampie but without enough cream. Maybe Rusty is lactose intolerant.

sean cody rusty
I like Elliot. He definitely liked something in his ass last time. He could be a hot bottom. After pushing the cum out of Rusty in round two, he licked the jizz right off Rusty’s dick. But at the end of the day, if neither dick in a scene measures enough to show some visible penetration, then the destination is not GayPornLand. All we got today was Bush Gardens.

[Watch Elliot and Rusty: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

17 thoughts on “If You Put Both Of Their Hard Cocks Together, You’d Get A Soft Rocco Steele”

  1. Anyone who considers average “small” obviously has little to no real-life sexual experience with men, as this is what the vast majority out there are packing. Seriously, some of you guys need to turn off the porn and go out so you can finally lose your virginities.

  2. I don’t mind a small cock if it’s pretty – Andy’s is small but it’s beautiful. What I can’t abide, however, is ANY cock that’s unattractive and you can’t find the guy’s balls. Elliot may be a great guy (or maybe he’s a creep) but that’s not what Sean Cody, or porn in general, is about. We want hot guys with attractive genitalia. Unfortunately, Elliot only qualifies for the former.

  3. A website like this should be inclusive and trying to support everyone in the community. If you happened to be a guy with a completely normal sized dick like these two guys but were feeling a bit insecure because of the above average dicks sported by most porn stars, then your trashy spiteful article will have just made that guy feel a whole lot worse about himself. And before you say it, I’m well above average endowment, versatile and much bigger than these guys, and yes, that’s a nice thing and all. I’ve been with big and small endowed guys because that’s the way it is in life, but an enthusiastic dirty-minded adventurous guy is worth 10 times a boring big-dicked guy who thinks it’s all about his one great attribute. But heck, these two get their fuck on well, there’s some good ‘old dirty ATM, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Try pointing that out, and stop a bit with the side-eye snarkiness.

  4. Some guys on SC have average sized dicks, but have so much else going on, like Joey. But the porn bar should be set at 6″

    Actually Sean Cody has more in the 8+ category than most other sites: Curtis, Sean, Randy, Jess, Noel, Robbie

  5. I don’t know what they were thinking with this pin-dick ahem mini-marathon.

    On twitter they had a poll for the best solo in May from which Caleb, a pocket-sized cutie-pie with some serious 7+ scepter was excluded. Instead they had the revolting Colton and this guy with the above-average sized clit.

  6. I genuinely feel sorry for guys who have below average penises. It must be a great source of shame in this culture. Ironically, it takes a lot of confidence to display one on such a public platform as pornography.

  7. LaToya Caprice

    I think it would be helpful if we were to consider this subject in another context, perhaps something like a restaurant.

    There are some restaurants which are famous for their large portions (Maggino’s Little Italy). People with big appetites will choose to eat here. This is like the “Extra Big Dicks” of restaurants.

    Then, there are say mainstream restaurants. Think Olive Garden. Here, you can get a reasonably priced meal which will serve most tastes. Think of this as oh, I don’t know, Falcon maybe.

    Of course, if you’re looking for something more specific, you can find it. PF Chang’s Asian Bistro = Helix = twinks or Shula’s Steakhouse = Titan Men = real studs.

    This Sean Cody video is odd in that it appears on a mainstream website yet features performers distinctly “under-equipped” for the taste of most.

    So, if we take pricey Sean Cody as Red Lobster, this scene is as if they have some special escargot dinner featuring 3 snails for $29.99. Most people will not be satisfied upon dining on their 3 snails. Most people will still be hungry. Most will be left distinctly wanting for more. Most would complain, “Well I forked over my hard earned USD and this is what I got? Are you nuts? Are you really serving me this and charging me full price!?”

    And, as per usual, there will be a few out there who will let their voices be heard (you’re size shaming! or, rather, portion shaming!) but the masses know and vote with their wallets. Perhaps there will be some sorority girls who like the fact that such a portion is non-threatening or cute and fun to look at, fits in the mouth easily. But men? Much less gay men? Such a portion would barely be an acceptable appetizer, much less entree.

    So unless Sean Cody is trying to re-brand itself as a small-dick website (a niche market I’m surprised nobody has tried out yet – extra small schlongs . com ?), it would be better served finding men who are packing like Sean or Ethan or Brooks. Men whose “portion” fulfills everyone’s appetite.

    I, for one, am not buying this scene. Those with underdeveloped appetites can feast (and yell about size shaming) all they want. Size matters and perhaps that’s stating an inconvenient hurtful truth to some smaller bros out there.

    1. When did this blog become a Yelp restaurant review? Somebody was hungry when they wrote this hahaha

    2. Exactly done buy or watch if it is not your preference. Some people will think these guys are hot and some won’t. There are plenty of big dicks attached to unattractive men that I would not watch either.

  8. I thought it was hot fucking. If your dick is small and you still fuck like a champ, I’m watching. I don’t watch porn based on dick size. That’s ridiculous. This author needs to grow up.

  9. This post IS an exercise in size shaming. Yes, it is porn, and porn is fantasy but not everyone’s fantasy is huge dicks. My personal preference, as a man with an average penis, is seeing someone with a small to average penis having some great sex with an attractive guy without fearing the embarrassment of not “measuring up”. The fact that you base someone’s worth as a sexual fantasy on the size of their dick is disappointing at best and nauseatingly offensive at worst. Starting out saying this isn’t an exercise in size shaming is tantamount to saying “I’m not racist but…”. I have been a loyal reader for many years. No longer. I am removing you from my bookmarks and favorites. I hope you can lose the narrow view of sexy. Best of luck.

      1. Typical hating the LGBTQ community. Why do you care what this guy has or likes. Shut up and grow up. You must hate yourself.

    1. In your MacDonald’s Big Mac. if you screen name indicates you are a bear why would you hate and say something like where’s the beef. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!

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