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Sean Cody Saul: Ginger With A Side Of Precum

“It’s 2018. I don’t know why people try and hide it. There’s nothing wrong with being sexually fluid.” ~Sean Cody Saul

From Sean Cody today we have Saul: a 25-year-old bus guy who runs every morning before school and works installing pools and water features before capping his day off at the gym.

This faded ginger has a modern, “who isn’t sexually fluid” attitude and some experience to know from whence he speaks. And he does speak, in an oddly first-person yet monotone voice as if he’s talking about someone else.

sean cody saul“I am completely open sexually.”

sean cody saul“I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. But it felt pretty awesome so I kept on doing it.”

sean cody saul“A couple of more times went by and then I busted. It kinda freaked me out … and I had to ask my mom.”

sean cody saulHe kind of made a move on me and I just let it happen.”

sean cody saulI do have body hair, but I like to be clean-shaven.” Rats.

sean cody saul“I realized I had a big dick when I was probably around 17-18. It made me feel pretty good and I just wanted to show everyone.”

sean cody saul“I have had sex with women and guys. I like to be dominant in both scenarios.”

sean cody saulSaul does have a nice ass and unlike many Monday recruits, he’s not afraid to show it off.

Same for his thick dick. He does shoot twice and there’s the flag on the play: his loads are almost as clear as his pre-cum. Is the same true when he’s fucking and not just jacking off? I have a feeling, we’ll have a pretty decent chance of finding out.

[Watch Saul at Sean Cody]


1 thought on “Sean Cody Saul: Ginger With A Side Of Precum”

  1. IMO the worst sin a ginger can commit is to shave his glorious ginger pubes. I think some gingers realize that the don’t have BBC so that if they shave their pubes they will look bigger. Gingers gotta realize that their main attraction is not size but being ginger.

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