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Sean Cody’s Sly & The Family Bone

“My freshmen year in high school is when I started having sex. Me and my twin brother lost our virginities in the same room, same night.” ~Sean Cody Sly

No. This isn’t Sean Cody meets Family Dick.

The title is both a riff on “Sly & The Family Stone” of “Dance to the Music” fame and the fact that our guy Sly is a twin and additionally has 12 other siblings for a total of lucky 13.

Sly is a 21-year-old that’s 6’2″ and 195 pounds. “Fitness is life” is his motto and he’d be happier if he could 24 hours a day in the gym.

Sly considers himself a “frat bro” though his campus is free of greek life and he’s reformed from his partying days to concentrate on his studies. He is a business major with two to three years left.

sean cody slySly talks a lot but sex and displays a deft hand at the pronoun game. While he could be talking female bodybuilders when the discussion moves to sex, at face value, sure sounds like he’s talking about guys.

And speaking of face …
… well not so much face per say, but between his hair, coloring, and unfilled, outline tat on his right side, could Sean Cody Robbie be his long lost 14th sibling?

“Depends on the person, but I do like giving head. I would definitely say I’m more of the aggressive type. But it depends on the person.

“They definitely have to be fit. I would not fuck a person who is less athletic or more athletic than I am. Muscles are a great thing.”

sean cody sly“When someone gives me head, I like when they start slow and build up from there.”

sean cody sly“I like, well, they have to be good at head for one. And they cannot lay there.”

sean cody sly“I prefer a blowjob that goes into sex — but I will take either one.”

“My favorite place to cum is on their ass. Or not. Just dump it all out.”

Sly shows himself all well to the camera while seemingly being oblivious to its presence. His first load is a doozy. His second is cotton ball white. The big question – is will he be back? Sean Cody would like to give us the impression of a big maybe. Then they can keep us guessing and they can milk “his first time” scene like they did for Archie’s last weekend for all it’s worth.

sean cody sly

However, should he return and display have the hotness when it’s his turn that Archie did on Saturday, then this is one time we won’t mind playing along.

[Watch Sly at Sean Cody]

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