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Sean Cody’s Titus Is Already Breaking Rules

Handsome, out, friendly, and sexy: check. But, this isn’t his first time at gay porn rodeo which is contrary to Sean Cody policy. Or at least, it used to be.

There are two rules that have stuck from the “old” Sean Cody. One is that once models have fucked, they won’t be reteamed. The other is that new models can’t have a porn past.

Sure, there was Mateo who admitted to prior “modeling experience.” Then there was Kenneth turned out to be a renamed version of Slone from a decade ago.

And today we have Titus. A very welcome edition. But yes, we’ve seen him before.

The Sword’s Pornback Machine™ tells the story.
sean cody titusIt didn’t take the internet sleuths very long to match the new name with face. Last August on Bentley Race, he was introduced as Matias Toledo. He made a solo and then in October, he got nailed by James Nowak in his one-off hardcore scene.

sean cody titusAmazing what a good haircut can do. In this incarnation, Titus looks much more handsome. Just ask the flight attendant who popped him the bathroom for some pre-flight entertainment. “Nobody gets drinks until this guy gets fucked in the ass,” Titus says with a big smile. And bottom’s up.

sean cody titusAnd this bottom is up almost from the start. Not long after he’s naked, he’s hard. And not long after he’s hard, he stroking with one hand and working a finger up his ass with the other.

sean cody titusAnd once he pops a gloopy load, he wipe it up and works it back into his hole. And lets his fingers go some more walking.

sean cody titusAnd those fingers do some walking again … this time taking a dildo out of the nightstand drawer and using the suction cup to a fix it to the top. And it wasn’t being repurposed to use for a bud vase.

sean cody titusTitus takes himself for a bumpy ride before pumping out his second load.

sean cody titusAnd that’s all in addition to the BTS where he gets up close and personal with yet another toy. This time. it’s blue. And he doesn’t just ride it, he sucks it an fucks himself with it too.

Will Titus be back to swap the plastic for the real thing? No clues in the video. But watch this blog.

[Watch Titus at Sean Cody]

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