sean cody vance

Vance Is A Sideways Shooter

“A” is for awkward. “G” is for gay. “V” is for Vance who seems to be caught right between the two.

“This is a new time in my life,” Vance admits. “Definitely something I am looking forward to.” Tall, blonde Vance has given himself a bit of a conundrum.

He seems on the brink of flying out of the closet he’s hiding in for 26 years. He’s also more than just a bit reserved. It’s as if he’s doing Sean Cody to give him a point of no return.

sean cody vanceCameraguy asks Vance if he’s excited for the imminent show. “I don’t know; it depends on if you can get it out of me,” Vance replies. I have a feeling follow the leader was a favorite childhood game of his.

sean cody vanceHe’s a tall drink of water. “6’2” and 170 pounds of pure muscle” is how he describes himself. Adding he that when it comes to that body, he’s proud of his, “abs a little bit.” Clearly, talking about himself doesn’t come naturally. Then again, that’s not entirely why we’re here.

sean cody vanceHis body is lean and there’s plenty of potential he could maximize if he chose to. Should we see him again, I hope he will choose to let his pubes grow in. No Vance, you got the wrong memo: shaving your dick doesn’t make it look bigger. And unless you shave everything else (please no), it just looks weird.

sean cody vanceNot surprisingly, he doesn’t exactly connect with the camera during the first round. He does stroke out a load that travels however. He’s on the couch, his cock pointing towards his head. How a glob of cum landed on his shorts on the floor a yard away is worthy of a Hardy Boys’ mystery.

sean cody vanceBy round two, he’s either more comfortable in front of the camera – or better at blocking out the fact it’s there at all. Or more likely, a bit of both. Where he is more comfortable is in front of the mirror. And that second, even heavier load, is a lot like Vance himself: pent up for way too long.

[Watch Vance at Sean Cody]

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