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Sean Cody Video Roundup: They’re Cummin’ On The Couch!

I would personally be mad if a random person decided to blow their load on my couch, but I might have to make an exception for one of these cute Sean Cody models!

For this video roundup, we’re taking a look at some of the most recent scenes from everyone’s favorite fuck site – that apparently includes a lot of recent footage of models shooting their ropes on couch cushions!

Take a look at some of the site’s most recent offerings below and be sure to check out the full videos over at Sean Cody! Don’t have an account? Sign up right now and take advantage of their huge Spring Break sale!

Conor & Blake: Bareback

Featuring: Blake & Conor
Meet Conor! His name is constantly spelled two different ways (Conor and Connor) on the official Sean Cody website and he’s now in his first-ever Sean Cody partner scene! [Watch]


Featuring: Kyle
We told you about some hot solo videos from Sean Cody earlier this month, but now it’s time to gawk over this new self-love session with the hunky Kyle! [Watch]

Asher & Cody: Bareback

Featuring: Asher, Cody
Today you’re gonna experience my dick that curves down a little bit, and his curves up a little bit, so you’ll be complete after you experience both of us together.” [Watch]

Nicky & Cam: Bareback

Featuring: Nicky, Cam
If anyone finds a top like this, please let me know. I am in desperate need of one. [Watch]


3 thoughts on “Sean Cody Video Roundup: They’re Cummin’ On The Couch!”

  1. They call these guys good looking. Skinny girls that think they have tattoos they are men….far from it! Nicky and Cam are the only decent ones there. They look normal and not tattooed freaks

    1. Hey Uni Pot, will you be finding Kyle before he goes bald or after he loses that wedding band?
      Jus kiddin, he’s hot .. good luck with the search …

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