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CockYourVote: William or Oliver?

Which one of these democratic platforms speaks to you?

The national soap opera, also known as Election 2016, started in earnest last week and will be shoved down our throats until November. I don’t think the same is true for either William from Sean Cody or Oliver at ChaosMen in today’s CockYourVote.

Our throats are not exactly where these guys want to shove things. Moreover, unlike the Presidential candidates, it’s quite possible that after today, we’ll never have to see either one of these guys again. Now if only we get so lucky with the Donald.

First up, and yes, literally and figuratively, William from Sean Cody

sean cody william chaosmen oliver

“When I fuck people, I like to start out nice and slow to set the mood, then I just go HAM.” William told Sean Cody. They didn’t get it either so William explained the acronym. “Hard as a motherfucker.” That he is. Nice tight body. Nice cock with a delicious looking head, and an ass we barely see that looks as impressive as those balls we do.

[Watch “William” at Sean Cody]

Then we have Oliver from ChaosMen

sean cody william chaosmen oliver

Oliver says he works out every day. While I don’t know how often he shows that delicious hairy ass of his, he surely had no qualms about putting it on display for us today. He’s supposedly motivated to “get shredded and even grow out that chest hair for us,” ChaosMen reports. The question is, is that what you want to see?

[Watch Oliver at ChaosMen]

Gentleman, to the Bat Cave …

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