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The Pillsbury Dough Boy Fucks a Watermelon

Wilson’s premature dad bod is not what has been missing at Sean Cody.

Wilson looks like a football player from Wisconsin, not a Sean Cody model. He is one big, very white straight boy. Opening on a positive note, especially for being his second hardcore scene, his dick gets hard and stays hard enough to fuck Sean like a watermelon and there’s always some sweet revenge seeing that. But that alone doesn’t make a scene and it didn’t make this one.

Paired together, Wilson dwarfs Sean and makes it obvious that Wilson belongs on The Guy Site, not Sean Cody. There are many sexy body types. Colby Jansen made a thick build sexy to even a lot of body nazis out there. But he doesn’t belong on Sean Cody any more than Wilson does. Leaving Sean’s body clipped and his cock shaved was another visual misstep today too.

sean cody wilson
Compared to his first unsexy hardcore scene where they teamed him with Jasper, he looks a whole lot better here today with Sean. So there’s that. Wilson did rim Jasper last time but according to the site, this is Wilson’s first time tasting a cock and balls.

sean cody wilson
Sean’s dick isn’t exactly soft there. At least he’s learned to channel his inner-watermelon.

sean cody wilson
The scene goes live at midnight so this was written based on the preview pictures and the trailer. Everyone deserves to enjoy whatever porn gets them off with whatever kind of models they choose. People who choose Sean Cody are looking for built models, not models built like Wilson.

[Watch “Wilson & Sean: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

What do you guys think?

19 thoughts on “The Pillsbury Dough Boy Fucks a Watermelon”

  1. This is one scene and you guys are acting like you’ve been ripped off for thousands of dollars just because one dude doesn’t have a six pack. Calm down, queens. There are still plenty of generic, white, plastic models to jerk off to. Geez.

  2. This site just ridiculed the “No Fats…” shirt and now you call the hunky beefy Wilson fat, or more subtly “The Pillsbury Dough Boy” LOL

  3. While we’re being critical, why don’t you do something about your new partner StagHomme and the fact they don’t have any full HD videos. It’s 2016 not 2000. What a ripoff.

  4. >>>He is one big, very white straight boy.

    And that’s why he’s perfect as a Sean Cody model. It’s on the job advertisement.

    Bring back Glenn!

  5. I think there are actually a couple of issues here:

    Typically, porn models are supposed to have 2 of 3 – face, body, &/or cock. This guy has a “dad bod” or whatever but no face or bod.

    So that said, even if I were really into guys with “dad bod” or whatever, I still wouldn’t be into this guy. There is nothing here to look at. I can’t believe anybody actually paid him to get naked and have sex in front of a camera. They can find a dozen guys who look better than this to fuck Sean for free. Really.

    Then you have the fact that this appeared on Sean Cody. I could say something like, “good for S.C. for providing more authentic displays of male bodies” but really, I can find them anywhere. Why would I pay Sean Cody my hard good American dollars to watch this hambone? If I’m after something which really gets my goat – big cock say – then I’ll subscribe to Extra Big Dicks. If I want to see a guy with a dad bod, I’ll go to “hot dad bods r” or something. NOT Sean Cody.

    So this is really a definite miss on a number of levels, the fact that this appeared on Sean Cody only adds insult to injury.

  6. WTF Sean Cody … In what alternative univers does this guy fit the brand (which is the only way fit and Wilson belong in the same sentence)

  7. I find this article quite amusing. These models have set themselves up for criticism.

    Wilson simply does not have the body type that is characteristic of Sean Cody models. In particular, he does not have a 6-pack, a requisite of Sean Cody models according to their recruitment info. So it is not surprising that subscribers, who pay good money for scenes with models who have the expected body features, would be disappointed.

    Sean is not popular with a lot of gay guys because he is on the public record for disparaging the sex lives of the very people for whom he is expecting to watch his scenes and pay the subscription fees so he can be paid handsomely for his efforts. No wonder he has become known as the “watermelon”. He deserves the moniker for being so stupid.

  8. I think you’re being ridiculously critical. He’s a good enough looking guy for Sean Cody and the sex in the scene was decent enough. It was definitely much better than the Brandon bottom scene with Tanner which was more like a Cody Cummings snore fest than anything else.

    1. “good ENOUGH looking”??? I pay for porn because I can finally afford to and I am against piracy of any kind. But no way in hell do I give my hard-earned dollars to “good enough”!

      1. Good enough is about as good as SC ever is now. Unfortunately great scenes are a thing of the past at SC. Same guys over and over, and even solo guy are nowhere near as hot as they were going back about 16 months.

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