Brace Yourself For Xander

“If they’re bringing a tongue in the action, call me! Whose got my number?” ~Sean Cody Xander

Xander is a curious choice for a Sean Cody model who has made some curious choices himself.

It’s not the braces. Who doesn’t want straight teeth? But in this “Invisialgn” world in which we live, it seems odd to see a “full metal mouth” especially on Sean Cody where I think, this is a first.

sean cody xanderSure, Joey Mills can pull it off, but Joey Mills is on Helix, not Sean Cody.

sean cody xanderXander is energetic. He’s studying personal training and would love to own his own gym.

sean cody xanderAnd apparently, he’d love to get a tongue up his ass one day.

sean cody xanderXander has a lithe 5’7″ frame and would appear to be closer to the beginning of his studies than nearing graduation.

sean cody xanderI do think it’s likely he’s bought into the “shaving your pubes make your dick look bigger” school of thought.

sean cody xanderHowever, the combination of a stubbly front and a forest in his crack is another visual curiosity.

sean cody xanderOther than wanting a finger, or better yet, a tongue in his untouched ass, we find out nothing else about him sexually.

sean cody xanderGiven that Sean Cody usually have their newbies top in their first hardcore scene, trying that this time might mean things would come up a bit, err, short.

sean cody xanderBut if a compact, young looking guy stroking out a couple of loads for likely the first and last time on camera puts the milk in your Apple Jacks, breakfast is served.

[Watch Xander at Sean Cody]

Porn model with braces: hot or not?

4 thoughts on “Brace Yourself For Xander”

  1. I mean… I would much rather a guy with braces than irregular teeth.
    I think: “what’s soo difficult to you get your teeth in line!?”
    But I might charming to some people, fresh young boy fantasy.

  2. Jesus sean cody is the talent department there not trying at all anymore? Guy with braces?! Are you serious? Sigh It’s a shame.

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