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Sean Cody’s Avery Is A Keeper

He’s hot AF. And though untapped as of yet, his ass is open for business.

Avery, a self-proclaimed “average, all-American jock” is making his debut on Sean Cody today.

And he’s packing the tight, ready for action body/a> to prove it.

Clearly, Avery has no idea there’s little “average” about him,

If they don’t get him back, and soon, there’s likely to be a revolt.

sean cody averyDoesAt first, Sean Cody has Avery play the pronoun game. His favorite porn search terms are POV and creampies. “You name it, I’ll jack off to it. It’s my favorite thing.”

sean cody averyDoes”I did hear from my roommate before that cumming with a dick in your ass is better than ever, so I’m gonna have to try that!”

sean cody averyDoesSean Cody mentions his “curious side” in their scene description, but Avery mentions while staring directly into the camera, “I definitely want to call someone, ‘daddy.” Don’t let that baby face fool you.”

sean cody averyDoes that mean he wants to bottom? Yes. Exactly.

sean cody averyDoesThere’s a between rounds Q&A by the pool that is likewise revealing. He has some “challenged” ideas when it comes to relationships. Textbook for someone who hasn’t found a good one yet and the inklings of someone who realizes he just might have been looking in the wrong places.

sean cody averyAvery looks even better on video than in pictures. That’s saying a lot. Getting him back and on his back is the next order of business. Watch this blog.

[Watch Avery at Sean Cody]

This is no time for a newbie top learning his craft. Who should pluck Avery’s cherry? Randy? Jack?

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