[Update] Sean Cody’s Brandon’s First Bottoming Scene Debuts November 28

It looks like Sean Cody has been saving the scene I’ve been waiting years for — and the scene many of you have probably waited years for — for Black Friday, November 27/Saturday, November 28. Brandon, sweet Brandon, will finally take it up the ass for all the world to see.

I believe that Brandon is in fact straight, or more straight than he is bi, and he’s a dude from Nashville who happens to be beautiful, have a perfect body, and can make bank by flying to San Diego a couple times a year to fuck a few holes. And he’s been doing this for four years, being strictly a top, since he debuted those beautiful tits of his in June of 2011. So, I firmly believe that this will be his actual first time bottoming, though obviously they did some hole-opening exercises off-screen before the big deed — and please please please let some of that appear in the behind-the-scenes material!!!

Earlier this year, Brandon hinted that he was hard up for cash and hoping to get to move to California at some point.

In June, he inched closer to bottoming when he let Brendan eat his ass, and then cum on his ass fur and lick it up.

Then in August, on the Twitter account he’s not supposed to have (Sean Cody doesn’t technically allow it), he hinted that the big day had arrived.

And ever since I’ve been hitting refresh on the site late on Fridays hoping against hope…

But now…

Yes, Merry Pre-Christmas and Pre-Hannukkah to everyone out there. No need to rush out to those Black Friday sales. You can just sit back at home with a jug of lube edging all day until BRANDON BOTTOMS FOR THE FIRST TIME debuts on Sean Cody around 6 or 7 p.m. Pacific Time next Friday.

Will it be worth the wait? Will he scream like a girl or moan with pleasure like a champ?

Will he walk away from all this realizing that he wants to get fucked doggy-style for the rest of his life? Probably not. But it will be amazing to watch.

UPDATE: Sean Cody stopped teasing and just put out the confirmation.


Below, the infamous Brendan-Brandon scene, with the almost-creampie.

[Sean Cody: Brandon and Brendan]
[Sean Cody: Brandon’s First Solo]


5 thoughts on “[Update] Sean Cody’s Brandon’s First Bottoming Scene Debuts November 28”

  1. Brandon is a bar tender that struggles to make ends meet and has to go on to the internet and beg for money to make a move across the country. He has no other marketable skills. Saying that he’s straight does not make him straight. You may as well say that he is a pink Unicorn.

    He does indeed have a very impressive physique and clearly is dedicated to his gym routine……and not much else like a career or making a decent living doing something worthwhile. He is also handsome as well however, looks fade over time and that process has begun already. Keep an eye on the bald spot.

    He also doesn’t make a lot from porn work. A few thousand at most.

    The mystique of a gay man having anal sex is startling. Its one of the greatest pleasures that a gay man can experience. Having your prostate hit over and over and taking another Mans cock in your arse raw is an incredible pleasure that I enjoy weekly.

    And using Tanner as his partner? This entire scene is about looks and not much else. There is little substance or passion. They are both totally into themselves only. Tanner is a known criminal. What a couple? A grifter bartender and a convicted criminal who happen to look good on camera. Brandon did not choose Tanner. Sean Cody set this up and has now jumped the shark.

    Looks can be deceiving,

  2. Amazing – so great! SC twitter today seems to confirm it´s a scene with Brandon. Brandon is the best looking model at SC.

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