Brogan, Joey Mills, Troye Dean

Sean Cody’s Brogan Makes Me Love This Dumb Scene pummels us with so many absurd scene setups that every so often, I just have to surrender to one that actually works for me. Case in point: This new drive-through effort that marks the first studio appearance for Sean Cody’s Brogan.

Now, to be fair, Brogan is the reason this scene works for me, because he’s so goddamn cute that I can’t stand it. That body, that face, that beard…I just can’t resist him, and his expressive visage is built for this studio’s brand of comic book porn. Customer Brogan requests s a cream substitute as he drives through a coffee shop’s takeout window manned by barista Joey Mills. And the stupid shot of this giant muscle man being pulled into the tiny window by the twink made me roll my eyes and smile at the same time (don’t hate me). Just look at this man…

Brogan, Joey Mills Brogan, Joey Mills

Brogan, Joey Mills Brogan, Joey Mills

Once inside, Brogan strips down and shows off his hot big and furry body, which glistens on camera as he gets sweatier throughout the scene. Joey sucks the muscle man, then takes it every which way against and atop the counter, right by those blueberry muffins you’re eyeing. Cute Troye Dean (who looks like Joey’s twin here) arrives too late to participate in the scene, which is a downer. If you like Brogan, you’ll like this scene. Otherwise, move along.

Brogan, Joey Mills Brogan, Joey Mills

Brogan, Joey Mills Brogan, Joey Mills

Mind you, this is the first of a new “Drive Through” series, so I’m betting this scenario is going to wear thin pretty fast (okay, it already has…), but for now I’m gonna go have fantasies about jacking off on Brogan’s beard

See the full scene at!


6 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Brogan Makes Me Love This Dumb Scene”

  1. I love Brogan but nothing or no one will make me go back to that ridiculous site ! Ended my subscription once women became the highlight of every bloody scene

  2. What do you expect? It’s porn! Premise may be stupid but as long as they’re hot, that’s good enough. They missed the boat by not having the other twink join in.

  3. The stupidity of is the reason why they’re losing members. They forgot what made them popular- decent scenes with light believable plots that did not have shrieking obnoxious women or chicks w/ dicks. One of my fav classic scenes from that studio was “My Dad’s Friend” (co-worker) w/ John Magnum and Kirk Cummings.- plot line Magnum knocks on Kirk’s bedroom door and asks where his father is. He responds “IDK” while scratching his itchy ass crack. Tells Magnum ” I know you’re straight, but I am horny. Look at this ass, doesn’t it look better than pussy?” It gets hotter, check it out if you still have a membership.

    1. They don’t care they’re part of a giant monopoly that owns sean cody along with the straight versions of those sites. And the free tube sites like pornhub…. Ugh and it’s a never ending churning of garbage

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