Sean Cody’s Calvin Appears In 20th Scene

With the release today of his breeding scene opposite Brice, Sean Cody’s Calvin has hit a major gay porn milestone. The lanky yet muscular, versatile, (but better on the bottom), and donkey-dicked cum slut has now appeared in 20 scenes. Few Sean Cody guys last that long, so let’s celebrate by having a giant bareback orgy!

Just kidding. Let’s celebrate by looking at Calvin’s top 10 scenes. This doesn’t mean his other 10 scenes are bad, it just means these 10 are better.

And, in case you’re wondering, Calvin is now tied with Jake and his 20 scenes for second place among models with the most scenes. (In first place is insatiable powerbottom Jamie, who’s filmed 26 scenes.)

Here are Calvin’s Top 10 Sean Cody Scenes:

10. Calvin and Esteban. The beefy Latin model fucks Calvin backwards and upside down.

9. Brodie Fucks Calvin. If the sight of Brodie alone doesn’t make you want to die, you’re already dead.

8. Calvin & Ethan Flip-Fuck. This one came out fairly early in both of their runs on the site (it was Ethan’s first scene actually), and the inexperience shows. STILL, it’s Ethan. It has to be here.

7. Calvin, Curtis, and Lance Three-Way. This one introduced us to the most bizarre sexual position in Sean Cody history. Calvin (hunched over the ottoman) is fucking Lance (who has his legs in the air) while Curtis (in the middle) is fucking Calvin.

6. Jess Fucks Calvin. If you haven’t seen the cum shot at the end of this video, sorry.

5. Calvin Fucks Cole. Calvin’s best performance as a top on the entire site.

4. Calvin, Oscar, & Jamie Three-Way. In which Calvin gets DP’d for the first time.

3. Jake & Calvin Flip Fuck. Jake’s comeback video after being gone several months, during which time he became even hotter than he already was. Calvin can’t keep his asshole off him.

2. Calvin, Dennis, & Jordan Bareback Three-Way. One of the first bareback scenes released at the beginning of the year, and still the best.


1. Jarek Fucks Calvin. Not a three-way and not bareback, just old-fashioned fucking, and Calvin’s best bottoming ever.

The first time I saw Calvin getting slam-fucked against the headboard and then swiveling around on Jarek’s cock, I knew it was love.


Congratulations on the big 2-0, Calvin!

[Sean Cody: Calvin]


21 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Calvin Appears In 20th Scene”

  1. Whats Calvins doing now? Ive heard he’s become a therapist but i’m not sure if people are confusing him and his brother.
    Look him up, Seth Chapman and let me know what yall think

  2. Brodie and Calvin was a super hot scene. Brodie is hot but it is Calvin who makes all his topmen look like studs.

  3. I wonder how much he’s made. The MMA fighter who did a dozen or so scenes claimed he made $80,000 back in 2007. At 20 scenes, is it like that “Calvin” has cleared $100,000?

  4. I believe he’s originally from Seattle. Apparently, he’s got an older brother who’s more chiseled and less boyish living in Silver Lake. Everyone at the 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood thought it was him, when Calvin’s first scene came out. That really is a stunning gene pool. I hope he makes it up to LA and eventually escorts like other Sean Cody boys like Ajay and Harley.

  5. Personally I don’t mind his updates, he’s got a decent body and charisma. Get back to us when Calvin has reached the number of scenes that Dawson has from CF. Dawson must be approaching 100 scenes by now! LOL!

    1. Well Dawson is way over 100 scenes with Corbin Fisher and having a guy like Dawson in your stable of men how could you blame him for doing that many scenes? Dawson is a rare bread of men in the amatuer porn world. Kind of hard to call that man amatuer at all with what he has been able to do in his videos.

  6. SomethingSoSweet

    I had no clue he’s already filmed 20 scenes for Sean Cody. That’s amazing. Being brutally honest though, I think that unless he finds a way to top this, his 3-way with Dennis & Jordan was by far his best scene, and if not the greatest, one of the greatest updates in the history of S.C. He’s definitely one of my favorite performers.

  7. Totally hot dude. My favorite SC stud. Big dicked, beautiful body… and presumably gay! If he’s not, he deserves an Oscar.

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